Stay Safe, Stay Smart, Save Money

Save Money with Better Security.

Protect you and yours, save on homeowners insurance, and relax with newfound peace of mind.

Insurance companies offer discounted rates for homeowners who have a professionally monitored security system. Combine that with devices that can detect flooding, fire, carbon monoxide, and burglaries, and your worries start to slip off your shoulders.

Sources of statistics are found at the end of the post. 



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Your Security Cameras Can Be Hacked - Easily!

Over 100 camera brands are at high risk of being hacked. The U.S. Gov’t banned them from use in Gov’t buildings, labelling them a “national security” risk. Find out if you own one of these brands.

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First VLOG

our first Vlog is a live demo of the surveillance camera systems that we install with pride here at ADSC. Featuring our most popular 1080p Dome, the inconspicuous Motion Detector style camera, and even hidden microphones for audio recording to accompany the stunning HD video. 

All captured and recorded on our home studio made from these same products

Check Your Contract: You Could Be Overpaying!

Security services should be transparent and dependable, and contracts always carry that "Fine Print." We at ADSC offer monitoring on a month-to-month basis. Information is key, and omitting facts is unfair to the consumer.

Start asking questions and stay on top of your security!

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