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Smart Security by ADSC brings control of your home to the palm of your hand. For those who are trusted to protect their property and the people they love, Smart Security is the complete solution. As a family business, ADSC provides personal customer service and care that our competitors can’t match.

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IQ 2+ Smart Touch System Includes:

Built-In Camera, Glass Break Sensor, & Handsfree Bluetooth Disarming!

3 Door/Window Sensors

PIR Motion Detector

24/7 Cellular Monitoring*

Life Safety Devices (Smoke, Water, Carbon Monoxide) available as add-ons.

*Contacts emergency personnel over a cell phone signal, protecting from cut phone lines, power failures, or internet outages.

Smart home

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Essentials + Smart Phone Control:

Full Home Automation

Light Control & Automation

Thermostat Control & Automation

Garage Door Control & Automation

SmartLock Control & Automation

Location Triggering

In-Depth Security Monitoring

Customizable Notifications & Reporting

Smart +


Smart Home plus:

Indoor/Outdoor Video

Advanced Video Analytics

Video Doorbell Camera*

Severe Weather Alerts

Also available as an add-on to Smart Home Service Package

smart home security

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As a family business, we value the trust our customers place in us to protect them. Your safety, family, and property becomes our priority.

That is why we focus on you with our customer service. Our team is ready to respond right when you call.

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