Your Security Cameras Can Be Hacked - Easily!

Chinese-Made Cameras have High Security Risk

In June, 2018 President Trump signed a bill that banned the use of Dahua and Hikvision brand cameras in government buildings. The bill details how they will stop purchasing these brands and actually remove & replace them from premises.

So, why?

Well, these Chinese-made cameras have a “permanent password”, that allows even the most novice hacker an easy backdoor into your camera system. From there, they can stop recording, wipe out your footage, or use your own surveillance against you. Its a big deal, so much so that President Trump and the House have called it a “national security” risk.

Chances are you have not heard of these two brands, Dahua and Hikvision. Another thing you probably don’t know is that their cameras and products are used and resold by more than 100 different camera brands called OEMs. All of which have the same security risk!

If you see your brand, you may be at risk:

i’d like to point your attention the following brands that are common in residential and small business:

- adt - Honeywell - Swann - LTS - Lorex - Tyco -

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