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25% off Smart Home Doorbell Camera!      Stay Vigilant - Stay Smart!

25% off Smart Home Doorbell Camera!

Stay Vigilant - Stay Smart!

Save money with better security.

Burglaries, Fire, Water Damage, Carbon Monoxide: All Protected by One Alarm System

Available as additions to current systems, or our      “Essentials”      Security Package.

Available as additions to current systems, or our “Essentials” Security Package.


Sources at the bottom of the page. 

In 2016, the FBI estimates that 70% of all burglaries that occurred that year were on residential properties, at an average cost of $2,300 per offense.

Homeowner insurance companies actually give monetary incentives for clients that have a security system professionally monitored by a 24/7 emergency call center. They know that the installation of a security system will deter burglaries and property damage, leading to less claims filed by their subscribers. That seems like a pretty good deal. With the right security system, you not only add another layer of protection to your home and family, but actually save money with your insurance company by doing it. 


According to a study by Joseph Kuhns with the Dept. of Criminal Justice and Criminology at UNC, out of 422 convicted burglars, 83% said they would try to find out if a home has an alarm system before the attempted break-in, and about half would actually stop and run if they discovered the home did have one. 

its not only burglaries that cause property damage

Your security system has the ability to link fire, water, and CO detectors to the emergency responders almost instantly. Within minutes, the fire department or police can be at your door taking action.

According to, the average victim of fire/smoke damage will pay over $12,000 in damage for a full repair. For water/flood damage, you could pay anywhere between $1,000 - $3,900. 

When dealing with a situation from a fire to a bursted pipe, the faster the first responders can arrive, the less damage will occur. A simple water or smoke detector could save you from thousands of dollars in damage, or worse. Now factor in that your insurance company will discount your coverage for having an alarm system, and the decision becomes more clear to make. 

Today, the savings go even further

You can do more with your security system than ever before. Now, in addition to monitoring by the central station, the customer is able to see in-depth reporting for each of their sensors. This means you could know exactly when and which door is opened, where a water leak is coming from, or even if a motion detector is tripped. These reports can be texted to you in real time, so you know if Jimmy took the dog out or not!

The savings come in to play when we talk about a little thing called smart home automation.

Yes, smart homes. Like a lot of Sci-Fi of the past, this radical idea is now a very real and very beneficial security option. The security system connects wirelessly to lights, locks, garage doors, and even thermostats, water valves, and your sprinkler system! With the touch of one button on your cell phone, you could effectively lock your doors, close the garage, arm the system, turn off your water, and set your temperature to something more cost-effective while no one is home.

Oh yeah, you can also use the location on your cell phone to make this happen automatically!

Properly executed; this solution can save you approx. $100 / mo. on utilities!