Wanted & Welcomed: Security and Surveillance on Rentals

Landlords have a tough job...

And they are the first to receive the blame by the tenant. From plumbing to property taxes to bad carpet, landlords have to be liberal with their checkbooks to keep their units above par. 

What's more, landlords have to manage and maintain the condition of the property from elsewhere. Vandalism and suspicious behavior go unnoticed, or can be completely disregarded by neighbors and tenants. In other cases, the conditions become so uncomfortable for the tenant that they don't feel safe. 

Surveillance Cameras & Security Systems protect investment, and can even raise the quality of tenants. 

Installing surveillance cameras with access to them from your phone, tablet, or computer is a luxury for some, and a necessity for others. For instance, the landlord of property on a college campus (I have personally experienced this at the University of Akron) is not only at risk of parties and vandalism, but also theft and robbery. Cameras and security help in three ways:

  1. Put a face to the damage. In a house with multiple roommates, the blame for damage can be tossed back and forth until all the details become vague. With camera surveillance, it gives the landlord the evidence in hand. 
    • Common camera placement is on the exterior of the building facing the parking lot, driveway, entries & exits. Be careful of having cameras pointed at the neighbors property. Often it would be welcomed (especially by a fellow landlord), but residents may be uncomfortable with the idea. Never install cameras inside the home. Tenants have a legal right to privacy in reasonable areas. 
  2. Tenants feel safer. And they will gladly pay for this service. With adequate signage and visible placement, surveillance cameras and security systems are the best deterrents of crime for the right price. 
  3. Monitor the comings and goings of contractors and maintenance workers. Verify the activity of the workers at the property. Landlord's can be sure that their money is not wasted on idle workers and extraneous charges. 
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