Hardwired vs Wireless Cameras

People interested in Surveillance Camera Systems are always asking us,

  • "Whats the price difference between hardwired and wireless cameras?"

We tell them that the difference is not so much in price, but quality too. Going wireless is appealing at first mention. No more wires around your foundation, lower installation cost, minimizing the aesthetic footprint, etc.

The truth, however, is that there are hidden costs and drawbacks of going wireless that consumers don't realize until post-purchase. 

  1.  "Wireless" in most cases applies to wireless data transfer. In this scenario, the camera is still required to be wired to power. Unless a battery pack (and a lot of extra $$$) is incorporated with the device, wires still need to persist. 
  2. Wireless Data Transfer is as reliable as your WiFi. Increased internet activity and other network impediments can slow your video feed down to a halt. The real kicker in this situation is that the camera is unable to connect to the DVR, and thus record, if the network fails. 
  3. 'Camera packs' from Amazon or Costco have all the drawbacks associated above, but also lack in image quality, durability, and privacy. In most cases, there is no DVR included in the pack. Therefore, there is no way to record any footage. Recording is then outsourced to the camera manufacturer's "Cloud" for a monthly fee, giving this 3rd party access to footage of your home or business that you may consider sensitive.

Bottom line is: if you want a system that will last for years without maintenance, go hardwired. We at ADSC offer wireless, but we recommend in almost every situation to go hardwired. With this recommendation we take great care in securing wires, hidden to avoid sight or tamper. Wire is cheap, and we optimize our labor time to save you money whenever we can. 

Most importantly, we provide the quality image that we've become known for at The American Direct Security Co. 


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