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We at ADSC have installed dozens of different cameras and kits for customers. Each one is as different as the next, and a lot of people don’t know what they’re getting into until they see the cameras on a TV screen. Our experience has lead us to find a reliable and cost-effective product that we can stand behind as a professional CCTV supplier. Our trusted commercial-grade supplier, Bolide, has come out with their own residential camera kits that feature the most beneficial aspects of a home surveillance system. We also have tried and tested excellent Wi-Fi cameras and kits by DSE, an Italian manufacturer that specializes in this line of cameras.

All kits featured have Email/Text Notifications, Smart Phone Apps, and Two Year Warranty!

4k with audio

exclusive wi-fi kits & cams

Wi-Fi Kit 5.4.1w (Exclusive)

5 Mpx Image Quality | 4 Wi-Fi cameras included | 1 TB Hard Drive Included

Wide Angle FoV at 94º | 90ft IR Night Vision | IP66 Outdoor Rated Cameras

This kit features the best image quality over Wi-Fi on the market! It also is viewable remotely from their Smart Phone App & Computer Program! This kit is so easy to install - all you have to do is plug them in.

The NVR generates its own Wi-Fi, making the kit fully mobile and easy to install anywhere!

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5mpx hardwired


1080p Wi-Fi Cam 2.1w

Image recorded on Wi-Fi Kit 2.8.2w