cellular 3g / 4g monitoring with smart phone app

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Are you forced to pay for a landline to keep your security system? Not anymore. Cut your phone line and give back to your monthly budget by upgrading your system to Cellular 3G monitoring. Not only will you save, but releasing your system from a phone line will also ensure that it is more secure!

 Make your system more secure and interactive.

Criminals know they can cut a landline to prevent the system from calling the police.

By upgrading to cellular, the risk of interference is next to none. 

Smart Phone App - Mobile Keypad with Alarm Reporting

  • Upgrading to cellular also allows you to communicate with your alarm through your phone, via the Mobile App as shown above.
  • Arming and Disarming the system can be done on the go, and status reports can be sent to you by text or email

Essentially, you have the tools to monitor any activity happening on your premises. As shown in the event reporting feature of the mobile app above, you will notice that the system has been disarmed by "USER 40". This user has their own code that is assigned to them by the Master User. For example, you can assign a code to your family, friends, employees, and/or cleaning service. This way, you can verify their identity, as well as their arrival/departure times while you are away from the premises. 

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